An architect as an artist of Human togetherness. Ar. Renu Khanna born on 19th July 1963, New Delhi is a practicing Architect since 1986 after graduating from Chandigarh College of Architecture. An architect who believes that your work should speak for itself. She is a fellow member of Indian Institute of Architect (F-8713). Most of her projects have been appreciated, published and awarded.


She has been awarded with the following prestigious awards: -

  • Indian Architect of the Year Award in 1999.
  • Hudco Award in 1995 for LIG Housing,
  • FFFACE 2010 for Creative Excellence in Architecture (Forest Complex, Mohali),
  • Outstanding Concrete Structure award by Indian Concrete Institute in 2010 for Forest Complex Mohali, Punjab.
  • Outstanding Concrete Structure award by Indian Concrete Institute in 2012 for Chapparchiri War Memorial Mohali, Punjab.
  • Honored by Mr Prakash Singh Badal, Hon’ble Chief Minister, Punjab for Chapparchiri War Memorial.
  • She has recently won the design competition of Academic Tower in Zakir Hussain Delhi College, New Delhi.
  • Sports complex for Amritsar Improvement Trust, Amritsar, Punjab.
  • CGEWHO group housing in Meerut, U.P.

Mrs. Khanna was also selected among the best five firms across India to participate in conference 2009 in Paris.
For her, every building design is a spontaneous expression that comes out of a perfect balance of the head (Technology) and the heart (Creativity). The building designs don’t require any marketing. They have an individuality of its own and reflect the purpose for which it is designed. An environment conscious architect whose most of designs are on Solar Passive Architecture many a times in organic shapes. Her buildings are practical consumer friendly, climatically suitable, based on “Green Building principles” to reduce carbon footprints. The main projects designed by the architect are: -

  • Forest Complex Building for Punjab Forest Department (designed on Green Building Principles), Mohali.
  • Museum for Baba Banda Singh Bahadur, Chaparchiri, SAS Nagar, Punjab having a victory tower 328’-0” high.
  • Sports Complex for Amritsar Improvement Trust, Amritsar, Punjab.
  • Academic Tower in Zakir Hussain Delhi College, New Delhi.
  • Tourist Complex at Attari Border, Amritsar, Punjab
  • Group housings for Central Govt. Employees Welfare Housing Organisation in Panchkula, Kharar and Mohali.
  • I.T. Building for Microtek International Pvt. Ltd.
  • NIIFT Campus at Jallandhar.

Mrs. Renu Khanna is also DCC Member of Art of Living, Punjab, Haryana and Chandigarh Chapter. She has given tremendous contribution to the Art of Living for spreading awareness of the drug abuse among the youth. Being the DCC Member of Art of Living, The Art of Living along-with other NGO’s and eminent citizens of the city had filed a Public Interest Litigation against the massive abuse of Typewriter Correction Fluid. It was brought to the notice of the Hon’ble Court how young lives are being wasted because of easy and cheap availability of Typewriter Correction fluid which is being abused by huffing, sniffing and bagging. Appreciating the seriousness of the issue, the Hon’ble Court was able to prevail upon the ministry of Health, Govt. of India to issue notification banning production, sale and storage of correction fluid as well as bottled thinner of any chemical composition both for ink erasing purpose as well as for use as nail polish remover and similar other purposes for retail sale.

Mrs Renu Khanna has recently completed a film titled “Kastoori” after completed a Film making course from Institute of Moving Images, Pune. This film reveals how a drug addict can come out of this problem by going in to meditations. This movie has been produced, scripted and directed by Mrs Renu Khanna. The theme behind the movie is that happiness is found within oneself just as the Kastoori or the fragrance of musk deer. Story is about a village boy Babbu who sells his father’s land to fulfill his ambition of becoming a singer and becoming rich. There are two girls one named Kastoori who signifies the inner happiness and the other Maya the outer world. Kastoori was with him even when he was not famous or rich but the moment he acquired wealth, Maya lured him to drugs. His performance also goes down when he gets in to drugs and does not know how or who can help him to come out of this. A question which troubles all drug addicts. One fine day his parents come across an advertisement in the newspaper regarding a drug de-addiction camp being run by AOL (Art of Living). They take him to it and through meditation he comes out of it and becomes normal. At the end of the course he realizes that the Art of Living teacher who was helping him all throughout was none other than Kastoori or Kassi.

This movie has even been telecasted on PTC News Channel and shown in many colleges and universities like MCM DAV and Chitkara University, Baddi. The amount of awareness which this movie has generated can be noticed by the enthusiasm shown by the students who want to join this gang of awareness.

She is involved in the making of temple of knowledge in Mohali from getting the land, designing of temple, getting the plans approved to fund raising of this temple for making a stress n violence free society by art of living. Women empowerment- recently started a trust called Pragya which trains women labourers to become women masons so that their daily wages may double from Rs 200/- to Rs 400/- per day and also help construction industry by giving them skilled women masons- a concept new for India.

She has outstanding experience in designing projects like group housing, institutional, commercial complex, offices, hospitals, bank buildings, museums, industrial units and houses and has been published on number of occasions in all reputed architectural magazines and national newspapers as BBC Good Homes, Global Properties, A+D and I&B etc.

Mr Sakul Khanna graduated in Architecture form Chitkara School of Planning & Architecture. After graduation he got picked up by Larsen & Toubro and gained experience on major Airport projects like Mumbai International Airport & Salalah International Airport. With Architecture running in his blood and having worked in this office for over 7 years, he has been extensively involved in various projects undertaken by the firm including Hospitals, Institutional, Hospitals, Township, Office building, Housings, Commercial buildings, Sports complexes and Airport projects.
Sakul's dynamic, tech savvy and youthful approach has brought great innovations and has accelerate the growth of the Company manifolds. He is also been approved as Griha Evaluator by TERI.